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I love that Blackbeard echoed all of Hook’s haters who said he’s gone soft for loving Emma and how they ruined his character and other crap like that.

And then he died

I wanted to add that, but was wary of offending anyone, so thank you :D

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Emma grumbled to herelf, resisting the urge to stomp down the mansion-eqsue stairs in Regina’s… mansion. Her fists clenched—she was being delegated to snack duty? She was no master sorceress, but she did know more about magic than she had the day before. Besides it’s not like anything particularly dangerous was happening upstairs. Regina was scowling at a ghost that hadn’t materialized and Mary Margaret was knocking on the walls like that would help.

 She paused, stopping at the bottom of the stairs and the dining room coming into view. They had all been seated around there, Regina muttering incantations and an eerie creak traveling the house, but Emma could only remember the feel of cold metal brushing her skin. She had slipped a finger beneath the confines of his tight leather, and felt his warm skin. So soft and so sacred, hidden beneath his armor and bravado. 

But the hook was a part of him, too, and if she could have found a way to put into words what she felt, what she saw reflected in his eyes when she had looked at his hook, unsure of herself, but knowing she wanted to hold it, to hold him, she would have. She would have kissed his fears away, traced the lines on his forehead, held his hook, or his stump, whatever he needed to feel okay.

There were whispered voices coming from the pantry and if Emma wasn’t stuck in a daydream, she would have heard them. When she pulled open the door and turned on the overhead light, the voices stopped and something sounded like it was crashing to the floor.

"Umm…" Emma started in confusion, finding David sprawled against a shelf and a container of pretzels on the floor. He must have jumped back at her entrance. She gripped the doorway, like that would help steady her.

Her gaze slid to the pirate.

Killian-Hook was standing there, the names were jumbled in her mind now. He looked between David and her, his face etched with pain and a secret, she suddenly realized.

"What are you two doing in a closet?" she wanted to know, when the others were on their ridiculous ghost hunting mission. 

David righted himself, straightening the collar of his shirt, buying time.

Emma looked at Killian, who had suddenly found the floor much more appealing. 

(I just had an image of Hook and David scheming in Regina’s pantry about the curse and Emma walking in on them :D Then a tiny Captain Floor reference cough)

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"…and then you invited me to dinner over something I didn’t do."

Emma stared at him, her mouth opening and closing uselessly. Her brow furrowed and she felt as breathless as she was when David had pulled her out of Neverland’s waters. No, she felt as breathless as she did every time Hook surprised her, after his lips touched hers, and after he uttered his secret in the Echo Caves. After Henry came home from his night with the pirate and went on for hours about the stars and leather and used the word awesome twenty times.

She couldn’t look anywhere but him. It made sense, in a very weird, twisted sort of way. At least, it made the tight coil in her stomach unwind after sleepless nights spent replaying everything that had happened between them. Every moment of the beanstalk, all of his prodding questions and unnerving calculations. His accent and his leather, his flask, every compliment and every glance she had tried to ignore. She had been terrified, seized with the notion when he walked away that she had lost whatever this wonderful, magnetic… connection type thing was. 

Her heart pounded in a way that was distinctly dangerous. It made her body ache for him, for his hand twined in hers, or his hook playing with her hair, and his stubble ticking her face. She could hear the break in his voice when he had said the word “cursed” and “Zelena.”

"I didn’t invite you to dinner because of Ariel and Eric," she found herself saying, her voice breathy and nervous. 

His face twitched as he looked at her, the barest flicker of hope there.  

"Why did you then?" 

"Because I swear on Killian Jones."

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Do you still love her?


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